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Random Thoughts for a New Year's Eve

In about 45 minutes we'll welcome 2015.  Don't you think it's time to drop the "two thousand" in the date?  Say it with me, people:  Twenty Fifteen!  Twenty Fifteen!  Twenty Fifteen!  Thank you.

We make a big deal about the arrival of a new year, but it's really just the arrival of another day.  I'm glad God doesn't give us more than one day at a time or more than one moment, for that matter.  I can't handle more than that.

Is it true that those people in Times Square have to stand there for endless hours without toilet facilities?  Enough said.

New Year's Eve television was better when ESPN used to feature daredevils jumping over and through stuff on motorcycles.  

Going to bed before midnight tonight is a sign that you are officially old, whatever your age.  I cannot explain why this is true, but I am certain of it.
One day I want to go to a New Year's Eve party wearing the kind of party dress you see on the red carpet.  Maybe I'll throw it myself but Mr. Pettit will have to get the night off first.

Whatever 2015 (Twenty Fifteen!) holds I plan to keep dancing---sometimes literally, other times metaphorically.  Music speaks to me when words fail.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support in 2014.  May the new year bring you joy, peace and purpose.

Happy New Year!

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